Class Exercise: More Tables and Computations

Select a categorical variable in the 2016 ANES. Produce a table, and compute the appropriate percentages. Make a sociological interpretation of the results.

Paste your R code and interpretation in a comment to this page.

Class Exercise: Tables and Calculations

First, we'll look at the code for tables and calculations.

Next, you will perform the calculations necessary to determine the proportion of registered voters who say they voted in the 2016 presidential election. From this, you can make a sociological argument about political participation. How does the reported participation compare to actual voting rates? What might account for the discrepancy?

Paste your code and interpretation in a comment below.

Class Exercise: Measurement

Open the codebook for the 2016 ANES. Identify one variable from the codebook at each level of measurement.

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About This Course

3 hours; 3 credits

Descriptive and inferential statistics appropriate for analysis of sociological data. Emphasis on concepts and implications of sociological statistics rather than on mathematical foundations. Critical survey of statistical reasoning in major sociological studies.


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